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Speech & Language Therapy

Our team of speech therapists have training's and qualifications in many types of treatment approaches to best help suit the needs of your child. We provide therapy services in all of the following areas in regards to speech and language:

  • Language

    • Expressive - the ability to use language to convey ideas

    • Receptive - the ability to understand & process language

    • Pragmatic - the ability to use social skills and interpret nonverbal cues

  • Articulation

    • Accurate production of sounds to result in intelligible speech

  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

    • Use of devices and other means besides speaking to facilitate communication. (PECS, iPADS, etc.)

  • Phonology

    • Understanding sound-symbol relationships

  • Literacy

    • Reading, writing, and understanding printed language

  • Motor Speech Disorders/ Apraxia

    • Difficulties with sequencing or planning the motor patterns required for speech

  • Cognition

    • Attention, focus, memory, problem solving, & executive functioning

  • Fluency & Stuttering

    • The smoothness or flow of speech (ease of which sounds, syllables, words, and sentences are produced when conversing)

  • Early Language Development

    • Process in which children learn to understand and communicate with language in their early years